Rainfall was the highest in a decade.


National average rainfall was the highest since 2011 and the fourth highest since 2000. Average rainfall was 663 mm or 34% above the 2000–2021 average.

Rainfall was near- or above-average across the country except for western Tasmania, the Top End and parts of southwest WA. Rainfall was high, in many cases the highest since before 2000 in parts of SA, Victoria, eastern Tasmania, NSW and the southern half of Queensland.

The latter part of the 2021-22 northern wet season was particularly dry, with reduced monsoon bursts and warm waters in the Indian Ocean possibly playing a role. Despite this, tropical systems brought heavy rain several times during the year.
Thanks to weather patterns and cloud cover, average temperatures were the lowest since 2012. The national average temperature was 0.23°C below the 2000-2021 average but still 0.50°C above the 1961-1990 average, in line with global warming.

The average maximum temperature in 2022 was 41.5 °C, 0.50 °C higher than the previous year but still 0.42 °C below the 2000–2021 average. Maximum temperatures were especially muted along the southeast coast.

Severe to extreme heat waves affected parts of the north and the west during 2022. Record high temperatures above 45 °C were measured in the western Pilbara region in WA.

The number of days exceeding 35 °C was slightly higher than the previous year. Nationally, there were on average 74 hot days: 6% or five days less than the 2000–2021 average.

Nights were cooler than the previous year. The national average minimum temperature was the lowest since 2012. The national average was 0.51 °C below the 2000–2021 average but still well above long-term average minimum temperatures observed before 2000.

The average number of nights with night frost was less than the previous year and 14% below the 2000–2021 average.

Snow cover was the most extensive since 2001 due to above average snowfall in Victoria and NSW. Snow cover was below average in western Tasmania. Total snow occurrence increased 61% from the previous year and was 50% above the 2000–2021 average.